Thermal temperature monitoring system

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Thermal Hybrid Camera

The Thermal Hybrid Camera is faster, more sanitary way to identify a person in a large group with an elevated temperature. The camera can simultaneously detect the temperature of up to 50 people, in real time, with a detection accuracy of 0.3° C/0.54° F. The system immediately sends alerts upon detection of individuals with high body temperatures, minimizing infection risks in your organization. The hybrid technology of the camera allows thermal measurement as well as regular video surveillance. This system is ideal for industrial sectors, and companies that are large and have high-volume traffic.

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Product details

Dimensions: 9.2 x 3 x 3.3 Inches

Temperature measurement time : Less than 0.Ss for 95% of readings

Operates with minimum distance of 15 cm/6 in

Photograph function and SD card storage

Visual notification ambient

Non-contact temperature measurement

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